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Mind Theme for Any Android device [KLWP]

 Mind Theme by MHcharLEE

This is my first post about Android Theme, Customization. I collect this kind of stuff from Reddit Twitter YouTube. Hope you guys like this and for any query comment down below.

This Theme made by a Reddit user MHcharLEE.

MHcharLEE Quote
Henlo good people. This time I come to you with a theme that includes icons made by me, start to finish. I must say, however, that the whole thing is based on Headspace UI, and that my icons are simply recreation of elements of that UI. Two completely original icons are the top right ones: orange and green. Music controls buttons are also original.
Basically everything you see in this theme was made by me in KLWP.

|| How do I import the KLWP file?
You need KLWP Pro version to import themes.
So download the KLWP Pro version from HERE and Install it.
Now move the downloaded klwp file to -
SD card>>Kustom>>Wallpapers directory. Then Open KLWP App -
KLWP>Load preset>Export and locate the directory.

|| How do I change the wallpaper?
In root go to overlap group called "Top" and delete "Shapes". Then go to "Bg" -> FX tab -> Texture -> Bitmap -> Pick image -> navigate to your wallpaper.

For this kind of setup use Nova Launcher Pro.

Download :

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