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How to save someone's WhatsApp Stories to your Phone

Since Snapchat went big with its stories, and Instagram took some bold inspiration from the feature last year, we have been seeing the Stories feature on almost every social media platform now. Facebook has it, Messenger has it, and so does WhatsApp, which basically intended to replace the text status, with a Story status. Now, neither of these platforms allow you to download someone else’s story, for obvious reasons. However, where there is tech, there’s a hack, and there is one to download someone’s story as well.

First of all, you must know, every time you view someone’s WhatsApp story, it gets stored locally on your device for 24 hours. You can’t see them in your gallery, but it does remain hidden in your phone’s memory, and they disappear from your WhatsApp cached storage only after 24 hours or if it is pulled down by a user.

Now, since you know that the WhatsApp Stories stays put on your phone, move to your Android device’s file manager. Before you search for the file, head to the setting of the file managing app, and toggle on the option, which reads, ‘Show hidden files’.

Now, close the file manager app remove from recent tab and open it again. Now go to internal storage, Scroll down to find a folder of WhatsApp and tap on it. Choose ‘Media’ from the folder, and at the top, you will see a folder called ‘.Statuses’. When you will tap on it, all your viewed WhatsApp stories in the past 24 hours will show up.

In order to save them, long tap on a video or picture and copy it and paste it to your sd card. Now you can view that status story, any time you want, even when the user pulls it down.


  1. wow awesome .Does it also work on windows phone?

    1. Yes.. For that, you must have the show hidden file option in your file manager.

  2. This is really helpful.. thanks so much admin

  3. i love whats app thank you for sharing this.

  4. wow nice post I love this post so much.thank you for sharing