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No Storage Limit , Unlimited Storage On Google Photos

No Storage Limit , Unlimited Storage On Google Photos.

One of the main advantages of smartphones Pixel and Pixel 2 is the access to the unlimited storage in Google Photos. This is an exclusive function of these devices, not available to other smartphones. One of the users of the XDA ( emime12 )portal managed to remove this restriction on other models of devices.
Hello guys, Today I'm going to share a simple trick which will give you access to unlimited storage on Google Photos. Now usually google provides 15 GB of cloud storage space with google drive. But for google's Pixel devices they provide unlimited storage to upload photos and videos. After this hack the photos will be uploaded in original quality.

NOTE:- you'll need a rooted android phone for this hack.

Now Lets Enable It.

  1. Download nexus.xml file
  2. Now open your file manager and copy the downloaded file nexus.xml.
  3. Now go to root directory then
           Goto >> System >> etc >> sysconfig

  1. Now paste the file( set the file permissions to 644/rw-r–r) Reboot the device.
  2. Once booted up, go to the
           Settings >> Apps >> Google Photos >> Clear Data.

Now You Are Done..

After this when you open google photos you will see a prompt saying "You are able to use unlimited storage on your google pixel device".

If the above method does not work for you, You can try this method.


For this method you will need build.prop Editor app. Download it and open the app,
At top right corner you will find a pencil icon.
Click on it, You'll see a list of codes.
Now you can either manually find the following values or use the find option in the menu from top right corner.

Now change the Followings :-

    ro.product.model=Pixel 2 XL

After changing the values. Click on save icon and close the app. Clear data of Google photos and reboot your phone.

That's all...
Hope it's useful and easy to understand,


  1. This is great because my phone is always full of photos and Im constantly running out of space. Thanks for explaining how to properly set this up for the unlimited storage!

  2. Great.. I was struggling with my pixel 2 XL for this from some time.

  3. What a great review. We are both iPhone users so we have upgraded storage on iCloud.

  4. This page is great and is very helpful to me for storing photos