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Get Sony Music on Any Android Phone

Are you a great fan of Xperia Music Walkman App? Do you want it in your android mobile? Then this is the right place to know about it.

Everybody knows the Sony Brand in their heart for its durability and reliability. Sony develops products like TV, Home appliances, PC, Laptops, Smartphones and more. Sony smartphones are officially called as Xperia. Xperia mobiles are known for their great design and other specifications.
Sony develops its own entertainment apps like Walkman (now officially called as Music), Album, Movie, What’s New. These apps are more attractive and user friendly than other Google apps and third party apps.

We've covered the process of installing Sony's Music app on other devices in the past, but they've since given the app a nice visual update to bring in more Material Design flair. So now, it's a functional and beautiful local music player that organizes your library intuitively. And just as quickly as Sony updated it, a xda developer mizdrake7 has ported the new version to where it will install on any Android device.

You used this application on any version of the Android device and all users who use the non-rooted Android device and want to use this new version app then just download and install it on your device; it works on your phone easily.


-New material design and fresh UI

- Album Art

-Adjust background color following Album Art

-Music control on notification

-Edit music info

-Changed app name to "Musix" from "Music"

-*NEW* Download Music Info now works flawlessly without any need for DRM keys.

Download, Install, Enjoy...!

1 comment:

  1. Sony is known for excellence! Thank you for sharing this about their music app, your screen shots are really helpful. :D