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How to Cancel all Sent Friend Request At Once In your Android

So you want to delete or cancel all sent friend requests because you have been sending friend requests to friends on facebook and many of them didn’t answer you, and it turns out that now you have a huge neverending list of sent friend requests and you can’t cancel one by one because it’s a lot of work and it’s going to take you too much time. Don’t worry at all! in this post I’m going to show you How to Cancel all Sent Friend Request at once in less than 1 Minute On your Android no pc needed.

Step 1

Download .zip file from below and Extract it. After that you get 2 thing Inspect & HTML Edit Browser and a Java Script in .txt file.

Step 2

Now open the Browser  and go to Facebook and Log In your account and go to View Sent Friend Request page if you don't find the view sent friend request page then copy the link( https://m.facebook.com/friends/center/requests/outgoing/#friends_center_main ) and paste it on browser url and visit. after that copy the link and paste it on url and visit.

Step 3

After visiting you can see to whom you sent request. Now minimize the app and open .txt file and copy the code and open the browser again Now click on three dots(upper right corner) and you can see a this option JAVASCRIPT CONSOLE PROTOTYPE click on this and paste the code after that click on upload button. Now you're done. All friend request were cancelled.

If you get tis message don't worry it's nothing this Script will work fine.


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