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Google Pixel 2 Launcher for Any Android Device

Hey Guys,  the launcher for the new Pixel 2 is a little different than the previous Pixel launcher. There's some slight changes here that make it a bit nicer with this new upgrade but you don't have new upgrade & don't have to be a Pixel-Owner to get this launcher.

Changes In new Pixel 2 Launcher
The most obvious change is they move to search bar from top to bottom, now it's between your doc apps and app bar.

One big addition/change is the introduction of “At A Glance.” This is a small widget that appears at the top of the home screen and provides information on upcoming events linked to your Google Calendar. Besides only largely pulling the details from the Google Calendar(s) associated with the account, At A Glance only shows you meetings or events that are happening within the next 30 minutes. So prior to that 30 minute time the same widget will just highlight the day, date, and local weather conditions. Once that 30 minute countdown has been reached – in addition to getting a notification – the At A Glance feature will send automatically kick in and continue to count down the time until the meeting/event takes place. As to be expected, there is also a new section added to the settings which allows the user to toggle on and off aspects related to the feature. Interesting, it doesn’t seem as though you can actually toggle off the whole feature.

One big change is the transparent app drawer. Swipe up, and the drawer starts out as transparent and then the background gradually turns white as it fills the screen. At the top you’ll see a search bar, and when you press on the right side of the screen you can scroll through apps alphabetically.

Interested in grabbing this launcher update? All you have to do is download the Pixel Launcher that we uploaded below and install it onto your device. It doesn’t need to be installed onto the system partition (meaning it doesn’t need root), and if you already have the Pixel Launcher installed then it will just install right on top of it. Enjoy!

Alternatively, you can install this modified version of the Google Pixel Launcher by XDA Senior Member paphonb. His version works on non-Google devices running Android Nougat (Android 7.0+) and allows you to use the Google Now panel
           Download Pixel Launcher Mod(7.0+)

XDA Recognized Contributor linuxct has backported the latest Pixel Launcher to work as far back as Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Check it out!
             Download Pixel Launcher Mod (6.0+)

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