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LAWNCHAIR - Customizable Pixel Launcher with Google Now

Okay so you might know that the Pixel Launcher is not available for most of the Android device except Nexus & Pixel smartphones & there are two problems with Google's Pixel Launcher :
  • It requires ROOT if you want to have Google Now Integration.
  • It has absolutely no Customization Options.
So we have LAWNCHAIR the ultimate Pixel Launcher with Google Now Integration and Customization Options. This app was created by Senior XDA Member deletescape, it is a promising new  launcher that does not require root. Especially considering how fully featured Lawnchair already is in such an early state it's definitely worth trying out and you might even decide to keep it as your default Launcher.

Feature List
- Google Now Tab
- Pixel Pill / Bar
- Experimental Pixel Launcher features
- Iconpack support
- App renaming
- App Hiding
- Adaptive theming
- App tray transparency
- Changing Icon size
- Changing grid size
- Save scrolling position in apps tray

App is still in Beta so now check what's new come..
Version 1.0.1063
- Add fling to delete
- Support dark navigation bar buttons on O
- Add Black theme
- Backport static shortcuts to pre 7.1.1 (needs to be enabled in Behaviour settings)
- Add option to remove top shadow
- Categorize settings
- Allow hiding dock
- Add #MoarPlanes (if you can find this easter egg, tweet out a screenshot to @ lawnchairapp with the hashtag)
- Add selection of multiple actions to perform on pull down
- Add Pixel Style weather widget (disabled per default)
- Add Landscape support
- Option to select which elements blur and themes should be applied on
- Option to disable editing to prevent accidental changes to your setup
- New, amazing icon designed by Josh Baldassarre
- Add animated clock icon (disabled per default)
- Support changing icon shape on Android O
- Allow separately changing the number of columns in the drawer and on the homescreen
- Request runtime permissions before Import/Export
- Fix changelog being shown in tagged builds with a value of "null"
- Fix rounded search bar text color
- Use internal icon picker
- Improved version numbering system
- Fix blur not updating in search pill
- Update app icon in edit dialog when changed
- Fix click on date widget producing a toast
- Fix light status bar setting
- Fix crash on Android O with battery saver
- Fix searching for apps with Chinese names
- Fix search apps text not being centered pre-N
- Translation import

Note! Weather currently only works with the Google Awareness API, OWM quota was used up by a bug

This is not a PLAYSTORE app so keep in mind that you will have to check back Droid Guy for periodically updates.