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Omlet Arcade - live stream your game play

Omlet Arcade is the easiest way to live stream and record all your favorite mobile games like Pokemon Go, Clash Royale, Clash Of Clan Minecraft and more. Show off your gameplay by streaming to Omlet, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch!

Open any game and a floating button will pop up, letting you livestream and chat without any messy setup.

Feature :
★ Live stream to your favorite platform
Share epic game moments with a wider audience by streaming your game directly to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch from your phone!
★ In-game voice chat
Unlimited real-time group voice chat makes it easy to coordinate in-game attacks with your team or just chill and talk.
★ Minecraft multiplayer mode
Instantly join your friends’ Minecraft games or host your own through our multiplayer mode. Download new worlds and mods from our community of creators with just one click. Share your creations and collaborate with others to build something amazing.
★ In-game power tools at your fingertips
Stream, record, chat, and find friends, and more with our customized game overlay tools, including multiplayer mode for Minecraft and friend finder for Clash Royale.
★ Create/Join clubs
Join up with people like you to share about games, drawing, anime, roleplay, memes and more.

If you have an issue or idea, let us know! dev@omlet.me

Version: 1.18.2
Requirements: Android 4.3 or higher

Update on : 2017-09-01

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