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Now Message with Facebook App, Messenger doesn't Needed

We all make Facebook but many do not want to use Messenger. So this app is for them.

What to do if you don't want to use Messenger, rather to Send Messages from Facebook app itself..!
Thanks to @wolfballz xda member who made this.

 If you don't care about voice calls, but need Facebook's new features and a rich messaging interface like in Messenger, use either or patched (both for ARM only).
It also offers some extra features that the APK patched with 2.9 doesn't have:
● Version modified to 999 so the app won't ask you to update.
● Fixed crash when opening gallery from composer.
● No duplicate emoji buttons in composer.
● Bubble style delivery state icons like in Messenger.
● Blue title bar to fit FB's design (v85 only).

  If you'd like to stay up-to-date, you can always patch the latest version using Facebook Patcher 100+. The latest version where message notifications work is Note that you'll only see the mobile messaging site in the in-app browser on the latest versions! patched for ARM devices (51.9 MB)
● patched for x86 devices (54.8 MB)


● Send messages directly from the main Facebook app without the need to install Messenger.
● Send emojis and stickers.
● Use Quick cam to capture & send images and short videos instantly.
● Edit images and videos before sending them.
● Share images from conversations to Facebook.
● Send hot likes, audio clips, events and locations.
● See cool snow fall and floating hearts when sending the appropriate emojis.
● Play Messenger's basketball and soccer game (unfortunately, without score submission).
● No matter what variant you download, the patched APK will be a 4.0.3+ one.
● Removes lots of junk from the APK and compresses it --> much smaller app size!

✓ For any further information or problem with patcher visit HERE

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