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Iphone X Style Notch On Android Device

Well all of us know that recently Apple Iphone X has launched and it has alot of features, though we not get that all features but we can  get Iphone X Notch desing. Just Download the app and Enjoy.

For Android users, getting the simulated iPhone X notch on their device only requires them to download an app called XOutOf10 for free. You can also find the open source Android app on Idoideas’ GitHub repo.

XOutOf10 is compatible with Android devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above. For the simulation to work, you need to enable the “Permit Drawing Over Apps” permission.

There is a twist for Android Oreo users. Due to Android API limitations, the simulated notch will be hidden when pulling down the notification shade.

Download XOutOf10 and upload the picture in the comments.

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